Purchase of diamonds of all sizes by your jeweller in Monaco

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Do you have one or more diamonds that you want to sell? Are you at a loss at how to buy diamonds and how to have them appraised?

The ultimate precious stone, diamonds have a precise valuation system to determine their value. Zebrak, your jewellery shop in Monaco, can help with appraising your diamonds and the purchase of your precious stones. We buy your diamonds of all sizes and grades in complete discretion.

Do you have diamonds to sell?

Ring set with a diamond, solitaire or other … To sell your jewellery or your certified diamonds, or to find out what they are worth, contact our boutique Zebrak. Broken pendants or bracelets, rough stones: sell your diamond jewellery, mounted or not.

Why have your diamond appraised and valued?

Do you own a piece of jewellery adorned with a diamond of which you do not know the exact value, or do you have antique jewellery? Whether they have been passed on to you as an inheritance or whether you have received them as a gift, you have the right to want to know their quality and rating. The rarity and the price of a diamond are essentially defined according to these different criteria: weight, colour, purity and quality of the cut. Entrust them to our experts to determine their value.

How does one determine the value of a diamond?

Four aspects are looked at to determine the value of a diamond.

  • Faceting: the size determines the brilliance and lustre of the diamond: uncut, brilliant cut (many facets), rose cut (few facets), etc.
  • Colour: it generally varies from white to pale yellow.
  • Number of carats: this corresponds to the weight of the stone.
  • The clarity of the diamond: barely visible to the naked eye, the purity requires further analysis using a magnifying glass to detect inclusions.

Ask for a valuation of your diamonds

Our gemologist welcomes you to get a free valuation of the qualities of your diamond and perform an expert appraisal in your presence.

Our purchase offer is explained to you so that you have all the information to know exactly what the market value of your jewellery or your diamonds are.