Purchase of natural pearls in your jewellery shop in Monaco

boucle d'oreille

Although they are rare nowadays, one can still find natural pearls on some antique jewellery, in particular on rings and bracelets of the 19th century, or pendants. Unlike cultured pearls, natural pearls are formed naturally in the oyster and consist only of mother-of-pearl. Their colour can be white, black, pink, blue or even golden.

These days, natural pearls are extremely rare and fetch very high prices, but one is sometimes lucky enough to find them on antique jewellery that were designed before the arrival of cultured pearls in the early 20th century.

Entrust the appraisal and purchase of your pearls to your jewellery shop Zebrak.

Natural pearls

Natural pearls, which have become quite rare, currently have high value in the jewellery world.

There are two kinds of natural pearls: fresh water pearls are more oval and come in a great variety of colours, whereas sea water pearls have a better lustre.

If you want to know the value of your natural pearls, we welcome you to make an appointment.

Pearl jewellery

Pearls have always been coveted and appreciated. Magnificent gems with iridescent reflections, they bring elegance and charm. Short or long, a simple necklace in white pearls always has the greatest effect. Some styles of necklaces are more original, with pearls used in combination with other precious stones such as amber, lapis, corundum etc.

What is the value of a natural pearl?

The important criteria for estimating the value of your natural pearls are their size, their origin, their shape (round, oval, drop) and their lustre. The surface of the pearl is scanned for any imperfections. Finally, in addition to lustre, colour is also an important parameter when buying pearls.

Valuation of natural pearls

Do you want to sell your pearl necklaces or earrings mounted with Tahitian black pearls? We carefully examine your pearls and jewellery: the shape and size of each pearl that makes up your jewellery are determining elements in the appraisal.