Purchase of precious stones in your jewellery shop

in Monaco


How is the value of a precious stone determined and according to what criteria? Diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald are the four gems of which the quality, rarity, beauty and purity qualify them to be classified as precious stones. They are thus distinguished from semi-precious stones: topaz, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, zircon, peridot, citrine, green tourmaline, rhodolite etc. The value of your precious stone is defined according to various criteria: origin, colour, processing and quality. Do you want to sell a precious stone in your possession in order to get a new piece of jewellery? Graduates of the Gemmology Association of Great Britain, the experts at your Zebrak jewellery shop in Monaco offer you a safe valuation and purchase of your cut precious stones, mounted as jewellery or not.


Engagement rings, wedding rings, pendants, solitaires set with diamonds that you want to sell? We appraise your diamonds and we make you an offer for their purchase. The size of a diamond influences its brilliance and makes it one of the most important criteria in determining its value.


Along with coloured diamonds, the ruby is the precious stone that can achieve the highest prices. Its colour is one of the most important criteria. The bright red shade called “pigeon blood red” from Burma is the most sought after. As jewellery experts, we are able to provide you with a detailed description of your ruby: its inclusions, its origin and more.


Sapphire has for centuries often been used on its own in engagement rings. The origin of the sapphire and the intensity of its blue colour make it a very sought-after stone when it is of good quality. Its value increases when the natural colour of the gem is unheated. We will give you a valuation of your sapphire, quickly and without obligation.


Of perfect quality and deep green in colour, emeralds from deposits in Colombia are the most famous and sought after.

Have your jewellery appraised at Zebrak and we will issue you a certificate of authenticity which may prove useful for your insurance or in the event of a possible resale.